3D Printer


Almé has bought a 3D printer, a high value technology system to give more personnalisation of our service. 
Why a 3D printer in a CMS production workshop?

The advantage of making a complete case of an electronic card and connectics, posage our supports is to helps our clients in the realisation of prototype, pre-serie with an offer a final product who looks like the commercial one.

The only limit is now the imagination! With this 3D printer, the impression is made by depositing melted material (FDM) which allows to lighten the piece by creating empty parts or honeycomb while maintaining a good solidity of the whole .
The manufacture of ESD products will be greatly facilitated and their implementation much faster which allows an even shorter response time to orders.
For example, adapt the silkscreen supports or the installation of the components by producing trays or belt feeders in ESD material and carry out tools specific to the workshop as sensor supports.

Almé: Custom ESD boxes for your prototypes.

Almé Sous-traitance Electronique spécialisé dans l'industriels,médical et l'aéronautique.

Here is the picture of the very first case made by Almé thanks to its 3D printer.
One of the main goals of the acquisition of the 3D printer is to offer to our customers, a prototyping which allows to visualize the initial idea, to handle it and to adjust the smallest details in a concrete way with a minimum of investment of time and money.
Here is a test case design of a round led! Totally ESD, the case includes brackets with screw threads integrated to fix the electronic card and even the logo!

We are looking forward to realize future ideas of our customers …

For a tool 100% French which proposes a precision of deposit of the filament of 6 microns in Z and 60 microns in X and Y, a range
(20 x 30 x 30 cm) and a large print volume (18000 cm3) that offers multiple possibilities.
And especially the possibility of using ESD plastic which has been a decisive criterion in our choice.